Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mirrors to the Future!

I absolutely love walking the hallways of other schools to get ideas.  Looking at other peoples' work sparks creativity in me and I rarely leave a school without an idea that I want to implement in my classroom.  Well, last week, it happened to me again.  I traveled to another elementary school for a training and was amazed by their "Mirrors to the Future!"  Check it out...

They created something magical out of an ordinary hallway.  I love the simplicity of it!  Imagine walking down this hallway everyday and being inspired about your future!  To make your own, simply scatter mirrors on an empty hallway.

Examples included: nurse, computer engineer, doctor, leader, archaeologist, teacher, etc...


I can't wait to get one started at my school!  
Oh, and course, I needed to snap my picture before I left!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All Things BABY!

Warning: This is a non-related teaching blog post, but it is also my TWO year anniversary with blogging, so today I am going to talk about babies!

I do not have a baby myself yet.  I may have one someday, but, for now, I do have 30 darlings that I adore at school each day.  I also have several friends who recently had babies including my sister.  Yep, I have an adorable and perfect-in-every-way niece named Adalina!  Ada was born on October 6, 2014 and before, I go on more about babies, I must show you a picture of her in all her cuteness...
I may be a biased Auntie, but that picture makes my heart melt.  I love her so much!  

Now, for more baby talk...

I also helped to give two baby showers a few months ago and there were great ideas at these parties.  I'd love to share them with you now.  If you are having or giving a baby shower in the near future, hopefully, these ideas can help you.

First up, games to play!

Fingerprint guest book sign in...

 Chinese basket auction...

Diaper sayings to keep mommy going through the night!

 Making headband station...

And a guess the due date game (prize to be given out at a later date)...

Next up, favor ideas...

Nail polish complete with tutus!

Candy bags for the candy buffet (YUM!)

And, of course, some food ideas...

These baby showers were so much fun!  Almost as much fun as the baby itself.  I hope you got some good ideas for your upcoming baby shower.  I love to hear more ideas you may never know when I might be planning another shower!  :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bright Ideas ~ Student Created QR Codes!

Welcome!  I hope you are enjoying hopping around and grabbing some bright ideas.  I can't wait to share my next bright idea with you! 
It is student created QR codes!  

We all have seen some fantastic products out there where students can scan teacher made QR codes to check answers or to play games. I knew I wanted to incorporate more technology into my classroom this year and QR codes was just the thing, but I wanted to take it a step further.  I wanted the students to create them from their published writing.  (BONUS: QR codes are new to a lot of students, so the engagement factor was very high!)

So, here's what I did...
1. Had students type paragraphs about themselves. I did this the first week of school, but it could really be used for any writing.
2. Had students copy and paste their paragraph into a QR generator online.  There are several to choose from, but we used  Print out 2 copies of the QR code generated from the website.
3. Put one copy of the printed QR codes in a book for the students to scan in class and the other on a bulletin board for all visitors and parents to view!

(Everyone was very impressed, but shhhh, don't tell, but it was VERY easy!)

Now, it is time for some pics!

Here are my students in action scanning each others' codes...

And here is the finished bulletin board that I created...
 Wish you could see those darling smiling faces for real! Just imagine bright smiles under those blue faces. :)

A spin off Carly Rae Jepsen song!

This is a picture of my QR code!

Of course, we hit the technology standard on the head!  I also love that my students were able to use technology to produce and publish writing on the first week of school!

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For more bright ideas from a variety of other AMAZING bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you. Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous day!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I am so excited that it is officially football season that I decided to put one of my favorite packets on SALE today only!

It is Multiplication Football time!

I love playing multiplication football with my fourth graders every year.  They get really competitive and are completely engaged while practicing their math facts!  TOUCHDOWN!

Here is everything that is included:

This packet is great for practice with 3.OA.1 and 4.OA.1.

I especially love how I designed that flash cards included with this game!
You can grab this packet now by clicking on any of the pictures above! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Co-Worker Gifts...Wordless Wednesday!

Decided to link of with Miss DeCarbo over at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday! I wanted to share today my beginning of the school year gift for my fellow co-workers.  

I originally got this idea from my sweet friend Alyssa who gave me something similar two years ago.  I love "stealing" ideas, but I need more!  What other ideas do you have for co-worker gifts?  Thanks for sharing!

 If you have never linked up before, it is so simple that you could start today!  Check it out:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Classroom Tour...

I made it through the first week of school!  I applaud all my fellow teachers who also made it through this week...woo-hoo!  I have to admit, it does get a little bit easier every year.  I really enjoyed setting up my classroom in preparation for this school year.  I would love to take you on a picture tour.  So, come on in...
 I love the chevron burlap border around my door (Walmart) and the pennant banner (Hobby Lobby).  I also love that I had a little extra burlap to make my door owl a bow.  :)

These are the little gifts I gave my team on the first day of school.  I simply got cute mason jars (The Dollar Tree), put on chalkboard labels (Hobby Lobby), and tied on some leftover burlap.  To finish the look, I stopped and got some fresh flowers on the first day of school.  These are sure to brighten any classroom!

Speaking off brightening up...
My students were so excited to get these glow bracelets on meet and greet night!  The glow bracelets came from The Dollar Tree and you can grab these FREEBIE labels from Teach with Laughter. {click here}

I put fresh flowers around the room and also put out mints for meet and greet night because "it mint so much to me" for everyone to come!

Now, for an overview of the whole room...

Here are my table signs...each table is a continent!

Love LOVE my happy chair!  CLICK HERE to read about the happy chair in the making! :)

Here is my classroom library. I finally have it completely organized exactly the way I want it!

This shelf I saved for all my math manipulatives and games. I received three of these AMAZING bookshelves through a Donor's Choose project last year.

I decorated the pencil cup with chevron duct tape (Hobby Lobby) and added some more fresh flowers on the shelf.

This bulletin board is saved for "Out of This World Work."  I can easily attach and change amazing work throughout the year using the glitter clothespins (Michael's).

Spontaneously made this new job chart one night.  I used scrapbooking paper and ribbon (Hobby Lobby).  I wrote all the student's names on colored popsicle sticks to identify the jobs (Walmart).  I think the best part is that it doesn't take up a lot of room!

One of my favorite first day of school activities to do is making the classroom rules with the students.  I love how our rules and handprints turned out this year!

If interested in the process that I used to create these rules with the students, check out this packet...

Here is my little teacher area.  I decided to proudly display my National Boards Certificate. :)

So, that's my classroom in a nutshell.  Here is the sign you see as you exit the door.  Remember to "Be Awesome Today" and turn off the chevron light switch before you leave!

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