Saturday, November 17, 2012


Fourth graders and multiplication don't always mix easily.  I've recently found that adding a little football in can help to make the mixture smoother.  A few weeks ago, my friend Alyssa suggested we start playing multiplication football as a grade level to help our students with their multiplication facts.  We set up a schedule where each week we either travel to other fourth grade classrooms for away games or host other classes in our room for home games. This highly engaging game has been so fun for my students whole group, that I created a version that the students could play in small groups of 3 (two students play against each other and one student is the referee)!

Check out the gameboard: 

Here are the directions for small group play...

My favorite part of this activity is having some students create "begin with" multiplication flash cards beforehand.  This strategy gives struggling students the extra help they need in understanding their facts.
Don't want to reinvent the wheel?  You can purchase this entire packet at my store.  Here is everything that is included.

I highly recommend trying multiplication football in your classroom.  Soon you will have your students begging to practice their multiplication facts like mine!  Touchdown!
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