Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cheese Curds...

I had an exciting weekend last week traveling all the way to Wisconsin!  I got to visit my future in-laws and go to my first PACKER game!  While the flight was not at all fun and my luggage got lost coming home, it was worth it for the wonderful memories that were created.  It was nice to take a couple personal days after getting all my report cards for trimester one successfully finished.  Yeah :)  I can't believe I ever complained when I had to write 20 comments for first graders.  Writing 32 comments for fourth graders was a lot more challenging!  Yet, I managed to get through it and so began my non-stop weekend in the land of the cheeseheads. 

What I remember most is eating lots of cheese curds!  Almost every meal included them...the fiance even had them once on a burger.  I guess that is why Wisconsin is know for cheese!  Hmmm...they are good though.

The packer game was an unforgettable experience!  Tailgating at 9am and then being squeezed in with 70,567 (see score board below) other football fanatics...priceless. Yes, priceless!

The Packers did pull off a win!  Final score...
Green Bay 23, Vikings, 14
 P.S. - My luggage was recovered and delievered to my house the next day. Packers souvenirs all is good :)

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