Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Broken Calculator

When do you think of your great ideas?  For me it often occurs as I am laying in bed ready to fall asleep surrounded in complete darkness.  I guess it probably has something to do with our minds ability to relax and produce amazing ideas.  I'm not sure, but I do know that having the notepad app on my cell phone and having my cell phone in easy reach at all times certainly helps me to remember these "great" ideas in the morning.  Thank goodness for the cell phone!  :)
So, as I was lying in bed one night last week, my mind wandered to thinking about my hallway bulletin board.  I am pretty sure I was past my 6 week time-to-change-it mark, but good thing no one really keeps track that closely.  Anyway, I knew it was about time to change it and then one of those great ideas popped in my head. 

I was thinking of somehow displaying our wonderful class routine we do called broken calculator.  Broken calculators are daily problem solving compuations that can challenge your students' number sense.  I usually display a broken calculator problem on the projector a couple times a week for the students to solve at the beginning of math time.  The students absolutely love solving them!  Now, how to make this into a bulletin board?  Here is what popped into my head...

Obviously, that is my final product, but it is just about what I envisioned last week laying quietly as I typed the idea into my notepad on my cell phone!
Here's a few close ups on the students' work...
You can find 20 of these workpages, more samples, and task cards all included in my new packet.  Now, you can make your very own broken calculator bulletin board!

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