Sunday, January 13, 2013

New (to me) Apps...I'm obsessed!

Hello all!  I hope everyone reading had a relaxing weekend.  I spent most of today obsessing over two new Apps I discovered from friends!  They are Viggle (thank you Becky) and Lose It (thank you Susan, Lindsey, and Sara). 
Here's a snapshot below just in case you would like to check them out too...

First up, Viggle.  Upon opening the App you will see different shows to that you can check in with.  I picked the Texas and Patriots game.  This is what my screen showed below...

I then pushed the purple "check in now" button.  This is when I was really amazed!  The App listens to my TV for about 10 seconds and verifies that I am listening to the game.  It then gave me +50 Viggle points.  I can then collect the points and get free stuff!  For example, you can get a $5 Starbucks card for 12,500 points.  Cool, right?  Granted, it will take me awhile to get those points, but it's still a fun App.
I then noticed the orange button on my screen that said "play along with MYGUY."  I decided to check that out and it was game I could play while watching the football game.  I could also earn more Wiggle points!  I picked players throughout the game and got points every time the player I picked did something well (similar to Fantasy Football scoring if you are familiar).  Anyway, with the help of the fiance (of course, I'm not that football savvy), I won!  Woohoo!  Add another +1000 Viggle points to that total...

Next up, Lose it.  The wedding diet has officially started and this App can help keep me on track.  It tracks all the foods I eat and exercise I do in one day.  It is SUPER easy to use and has restaurant foods and a place to scan barcodes if you eat something that has a barcode on it.  I am loving it!  I haven't eaten dinner yet today, but so far I am on track.
So, enjoy these new Apps!  Warning: They are addictive! 
P.S. - Can you guess what I will be checking in on tomorrow?  Bring it Viggle!



  1. Viggle!!! I need to check that out - immediately! Thanks for the shout out, now I have to start REALLY following Lose it, instead of just looking at what I should be doing and ignoring it :)


  2. LOL! The best part of Lose It...logging those exercises. I feel a Zumba class coming on... :)


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