Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burning Love!

The fiance called me up to the bedroom last night for some Burning Love!
Haha...I know where your mind is going. 
He called me up to see this show he turned on the television.  The show he had on was titled "Burning Love."  GEEZ! 

The next half hour of my life was definitely well spent.  This show was hilarious!  It was a parody of the Bachelor (which I religiously watch).  Now, even though I am a huge fan of the Bachelor, Burning Love nailed every ridiculous thing about the show.  I really could not stop laughing. 

Meet the Bachelor...
Yep, that's a fire hose!  "Burning Love" remember...

And the ladies...
It's a tough choice between the 84 year old and the pregnant lady!  Don't worry there is a Kindergarten teacher too!  :)

The ladies are waiting patiently to get their hose!
After further research, I guess the show was a web series last season (might have to go back and watch those).  Season 2, is now on the E! channel every Monday night at 10pm.  It follows 34-year-old fireman Mark Orlando (Marino) in his search for love and will air as seven half-hour episodes.  You are in luck...6 more episodes to go!  Looking forward to the first one-on-one date next week!   So, don't wait, set your DVRs immediately and thank me next Monday!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mind Reader Game

Ever wish you could read your students' minds?  Now here is your chance!  I love using this mind reader game in my classroom every year.  I have used it in first grade and fourth graders love it just as much!
Here's what you do...
1. Get this gameboard (find it at my TPT store).
2. Practice this sample script...
Mind Reader: Pick any number on the board.  Tell me when you are ready.
Friend: Okay, I have my secret number.  I am ready.
Mind Reader:  Now, I am going to ask you a few questions to read your mind.  First of all, is your number anywhere in the color red like the red shirt you are wearing?  Keep in mind your number may be on the board more than once.
Friend:  Yes, it is in the color red.
Mind Reader:  Okay, how about in the color white?
Friend: No, not in white.
Mind Reader:  Oh, I see you are not wearing any white.  How about in the color green?
Friend:  Yes, it is in green.
Mind Reader:  That must be because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!  I’m going to ask you a few more questions now.  Is your number in the color blue?
Friend:  No, it is not. 
Mind Reader: That is probably because it is cloudy today.  No blue skies for you!  Let’s see, is your number in the color yellow?
Friend: No.
Mind Reader:  Again that is because the sun isn’t out much today.  I think I know your number, but let me ask you one more question.  When is your birthday?
Friend:  July 10th.
Mind Reader:  10th …hmmm, no not 10, let’s double it.  I know!  You’re number is 20!
Friend:  Yes, wow!  How did you know?
3. Last, find out how it works!

Have fun using this engaging game in your classroom!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Observation and Assessment

These two words are a huge part of my teacher vocabulary. 
First up, OBSERVATION...
For reading this year, I require my students to complete at least 30 minutes independently reading everyday at school.  During this time, I occasionally pull groups to focus on a target skill, but mostly I conference with students individually to observe their reading progress.  I love my system of giving the students a heart and star in their reading notebooks after conferencing.
Heart = Something I loved
Star = Something to work on
While, I valued this strategy, I was having a hard time keeping track of who I conferenced with in an organized matter.  My friend, KT, suggested using a file folder and notecard method to keep track of my conferences.  I began this in January and it is working great so I thought I would share!
I have one folder for girls and one for boys.
This is the inside of the boys folder. 
Write each students' name on an index card and tape them down like it is shown in the picture.
Flip open one flap to record the date, title of the book, and the heart and star that you gave each student.
Close ups...

Again, I am LOVIN' these observation folders.  It is organized and makes it so easy to keep track of who needs the next observation conference.

Next up, ASSESSMENT...
This year, our school has adopted common core AND standard based grading. 
These two changes have proven to be challenging, but it is really my first year since beginning to teach that I feel my students are benefitting from assessments.  I have really analyzed the common core standards for fourth grade (and for fifth grade to see where my students need to be next year).  I have begun creating powerful assessments and rubrics that allow my students to aim for MEETING every common core standard by the end of the year.  I have also shared a few of my common core assessments on teachers pay teachers. 
Click on the pictures below to check them out!
Hope you find something you love!  If you like what you see, be sure to follow me...more great common core assessments and rubrics to come!
Have a great Sunday :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Owls

Hello world!  Well, hello to my 21 followers :)  This week was a testing week in the world of teaching.  It was filled with ups and downs which tested my patience and dedication to my job.  I have discovered that often I take on too many things and that sometimes it is okay to say NO.  So, while the beginning of the week may have been bumpy, Valentine's Day was a day full of love and surprises.

It started with this adorable Valentine's Day heart owl that one of my students hand made for me.  This little guy is a wonderful addition to our classroom. 
(Bonus - owl's are our school mascot...perfect, right?!)

Next, I was surprised the day before Valentine's Day with a delivery from my parents...

So beautiful!  Thanks mom and dad!
As Valentine's Day at school began, my student's brought in tons of surprises, including...
 More flowers!

 Edible arrangments!
And even an ice sculpture!
At the end of the school day, we had a little Valentine's Day celebration.  My student's had written compliments for each of their classmates earlier in the week and spent time writing their compliments on each others' bags.  They turned out very cute.

I especially like the "you add bling, bling to our class" compliment.  So cute!
What Valentine's Day party is complete without a little craft to keep everyone busy?  My class made Valentine's owls! 
These guys can even be used to reinforce symmetry.
To top off the day, I came home to purple roses from the fiance!  Love them!!!
I hope every had a great Valentine's Day!  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Football Cupcakes, Heart Nails, & A New Bulletin Board

The topic that is always on my mind now?  My is getting so close!  Today marks a special milestone.  I have been engaged for exactly one year!  One year ago today the fiance asked me to marry him.  I find it appropriate to mark this special day on my blog. :)
Now for other things I did last week...
On Super Bowl Sunday, I attempted to make football cupcakes.  So they didn't turn out to be exact football shapes, but people got the point and they were super yummy.  I even cooked them with an Oreo inside!  The Oreo was moist and a pleasant surprise inside the footballs.  :)
Find instructions on how to TRY making your own here:
I also got in the Valentine's spirit with heart nails...
Lastly, I completed my area and perimeter bulletin board.  Isn't it eye-catching? 
Basically, I had the students make an array using grid paper and cover it with "blobs" (the black construction paper dots).  This technique reinforces the concept behind finding area and perimeter.  The students glued their array on the outside of a folded green constructed paper.  On the inside, the students wrote the area and perimeter of their shape.

Have a happy week everyone!  I will be spending it creating some more common core assessments and rubrics as we begin fractions in fourth grade.  I'll let you know how it goes later this week.
Til then...


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Identifying Angles {and a 3-day SALE!}

First off, thank you to all my readers for stopping by "Well, Michelle?"  With my last blog, I made it to over 1000 page views, which is a little accomplishment for me.  So again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  :)
This week I reviewed angles with my students.  I know how important it is to sometimes just see a physical model of anything opposed to a drawing on a piece of paper.  Therefore, this activity was sure to increase student understanding.  It was quick and easy, plus my students were engaged the whole time!  I started by making a paper circle for each of my students ahead of time.

Next, we folded it in half and drew a line on the fold labeling it 180 degrees.  (I think it helps to use different colored markers for each label.)

Then, we folded the paper in half again.  We drew lines on the folds again to make a 90 degrees angle and labeled it.
Of course, after that, we folded the paper circle in half one last time.  We drew and labeled the 45 degree angle made.
Here's what is looked like when we opened the circle up...
We were not done yet!  Next, I had the students flip their paper circles over to label some angle names.  We started by creating an obtuse angle.  This was easy because of the folds already in the paper circle.
Then, we folded one flap in to make a right angle.
Last, we folded one more time to make and label the acute angle.
At last, here was the final product...
My students then checked the degrees in their angles using protractors.  Again this was very quick and easy to make.  My students could then take this model home and explain it to their parents for homework. 
I love it when it's simple and fun!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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It may be a great time to buy my multiplication football packet!  This is a highly engaging math fact practice game. Students play in groups of 3 racing to answer math facts and score touchdowns!

Enjoy the Super Bowl! 
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