Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burning Love!

The fiance called me up to the bedroom last night for some Burning Love!
Haha...I know where your mind is going. 
He called me up to see this show he turned on the television.  The show he had on was titled "Burning Love."  GEEZ! 

The next half hour of my life was definitely well spent.  This show was hilarious!  It was a parody of the Bachelor (which I religiously watch).  Now, even though I am a huge fan of the Bachelor, Burning Love nailed every ridiculous thing about the show.  I really could not stop laughing. 

Meet the Bachelor...
Yep, that's a fire hose!  "Burning Love" remember...

And the ladies...
It's a tough choice between the 84 year old and the pregnant lady!  Don't worry there is a Kindergarten teacher too!  :)

The ladies are waiting patiently to get their hose!
After further research, I guess the show was a web series last season (might have to go back and watch those).  Season 2, is now on the E! channel every Monday night at 10pm.  It follows 34-year-old fireman Mark Orlando (Marino) in his search for love and will air as seven half-hour episodes.  You are in luck...6 more episodes to go!  Looking forward to the first one-on-one date next week!   So, don't wait, set your DVRs immediately and thank me next Monday!

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