Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mind Reader Game

Ever wish you could read your students' minds?  Now here is your chance!  I love using this mind reader game in my classroom every year.  I have used it in first grade and fourth graders love it just as much!
Here's what you do...
1. Get this gameboard (find it at my TPT store).
2. Practice this sample script...
Mind Reader: Pick any number on the board.  Tell me when you are ready.
Friend: Okay, I have my secret number.  I am ready.
Mind Reader:  Now, I am going to ask you a few questions to read your mind.  First of all, is your number anywhere in the color red like the red shirt you are wearing?  Keep in mind your number may be on the board more than once.
Friend:  Yes, it is in the color red.
Mind Reader:  Okay, how about in the color white?
Friend: No, not in white.
Mind Reader:  Oh, I see you are not wearing any white.  How about in the color green?
Friend:  Yes, it is in green.
Mind Reader:  That must be because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!  I’m going to ask you a few more questions now.  Is your number in the color blue?
Friend:  No, it is not. 
Mind Reader: That is probably because it is cloudy today.  No blue skies for you!  Let’s see, is your number in the color yellow?
Friend: No.
Mind Reader:  Again that is because the sun isn’t out much today.  I think I know your number, but let me ask you one more question.  When is your birthday?
Friend:  July 10th.
Mind Reader:  10th …hmmm, no not 10, let’s double it.  I know!  You’re number is 20!
Friend:  Yes, wow!  How did you know?
3. Last, find out how it works!

Have fun using this engaging game in your classroom!

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