Sunday, February 10, 2013

Football Cupcakes, Heart Nails, & A New Bulletin Board

The topic that is always on my mind now?  My is getting so close!  Today marks a special milestone.  I have been engaged for exactly one year!  One year ago today the fiance asked me to marry him.  I find it appropriate to mark this special day on my blog. :)
Now for other things I did last week...
On Super Bowl Sunday, I attempted to make football cupcakes.  So they didn't turn out to be exact football shapes, but people got the point and they were super yummy.  I even cooked them with an Oreo inside!  The Oreo was moist and a pleasant surprise inside the footballs.  :)
Find instructions on how to TRY making your own here:
I also got in the Valentine's spirit with heart nails...
Lastly, I completed my area and perimeter bulletin board.  Isn't it eye-catching? 
Basically, I had the students make an array using grid paper and cover it with "blobs" (the black construction paper dots).  This technique reinforces the concept behind finding area and perimeter.  The students glued their array on the outside of a folded green constructed paper.  On the inside, the students wrote the area and perimeter of their shape.

Have a happy week everyone!  I will be spending it creating some more common core assessments and rubrics as we begin fractions in fourth grade.  I'll let you know how it goes later this week.
Til then...


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