Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Owls

Hello world!  Well, hello to my 21 followers :)  This week was a testing week in the world of teaching.  It was filled with ups and downs which tested my patience and dedication to my job.  I have discovered that often I take on too many things and that sometimes it is okay to say NO.  So, while the beginning of the week may have been bumpy, Valentine's Day was a day full of love and surprises.

It started with this adorable Valentine's Day heart owl that one of my students hand made for me.  This little guy is a wonderful addition to our classroom. 
(Bonus - owl's are our school mascot...perfect, right?!)

Next, I was surprised the day before Valentine's Day with a delivery from my parents...

So beautiful!  Thanks mom and dad!
As Valentine's Day at school began, my student's brought in tons of surprises, including...
 More flowers!

 Edible arrangments!
And even an ice sculpture!
At the end of the school day, we had a little Valentine's Day celebration.  My student's had written compliments for each of their classmates earlier in the week and spent time writing their compliments on each others' bags.  They turned out very cute.

I especially like the "you add bling, bling to our class" compliment.  So cute!
What Valentine's Day party is complete without a little craft to keep everyone busy?  My class made Valentine's owls! 
These guys can even be used to reinforce symmetry.
To top off the day, I came home to purple roses from the fiance!  Love them!!!
I hope every had a great Valentine's Day!  :)

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