Friday, March 15, 2013

High Heeled Cupcakes

It was my principal's birthday today!  She perhaps loves shoes more than me and so my friend KT had this brilliant pinterest inspired idea to make her shoe cupcakes.  So, while discovering our hidden desire to become cake decorators, we busted out these cupcakes last night...

Aren't they fabulous?! Great, idea KT!
Want to make your own?  Just regular cupcakes (we used red velvet...who doesn't love red bottom shoes?) and then use these cookies to make the heels!

Also I am in love with Betty Crocker's new NEON food coloring gel!  That's how we got those amazing colors!
With our few left over cupcakes, KT also whipped out this cute guy!  For the ears, just cut a marshmallow in half diagonally and dip the sticky part of the marshmallow in colored sugar.

My day ended today with this adorable note from one of my students...
"Mrs. Lubman, thank you for making me feel like a real star this week!  From: Nickolas"
That's why I teach.
Have a happy weekend everyone!

PS -

...til the wedding!  YEAH!
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