Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Changes :)

I know CHANGES are a part of life.  Some are not always the greatest and some are completely wonderful.  Yes, I have both in my life right now.  
The first CHANGE is at work next year.  To start, I will be teaching fourth grade for a second year. This is good so that I can fix all my mistakes from this year!  The part that is not so great is that I will be having a completely new team, in other words, CHANGE!  Most teachers out there know this can be a scary change.  My current co-workers friends all have new plans for next year mostly including moving closer to home and taking care of babies.  I am sooo happy for them, but I will sadly miss seeing their smiling faces each day.  I am excited to meet all the new teachers that will be coming to my school next year, however.  New teachers mean new friends and we can never have enough of those.  Okay, so maybe it isn't the worst change in the world.
Now, for my second CHANGE...I'm a MRS.  YEAH!!!   We did it and our wedding was completely wonderful.  I could go on and go on about it's greatness, but instead pictures say more than words.  Enjoy :)

Welcome bags for a few guests!

 Sent to me the day of the wedding...great timing!

Yeah, married!!!
Reception décor...

Yum...candy table :)

Elvis was in the building!

Ending with a kiss...

I am liking the CHANGE!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Wedding Planning and the Honeymoon!

The parents and grandma have arrived in Vegas!  That means the wedding is super close...it just got REALLY real. 
Here's what is what has been running though my mind at any given moment lately...food, makeup, centerpieces, flowers, red carpet, weather, officiant, schedule of events, cake, ice sculpture, wishing tree, fans, centerpieces, music... honeymoon!
I have had so much fun planning and here is a glimpse of things I have been doing.
For my shoe bottoms...something blue!

Ring Bearer Wear...

When you can't find your a hair piece that fits your vision...make your own!

Wishing tree and stars so guests can sign in by writing a wish (instead of a guestbook)...

Candy table jars...a work in progress.

Last night's project...fans!


Just married sign...to hold for pictures!
And...the honeymoon!
Just a peak...almost ready!
Have a great Friday everyone :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Writing Constructed Responses

One of the things I wish I knew before I started teaching fourth grade include the steps to writing a constructed response.  Good thing I have an excellent team and wonderful teachers willing to help me at every turn.  I now consider myself a constructed response expert.  My students have made great progress since the beginning of the year in writing their own constructed responses.  This constructed response practice gives my students structure and preparation for our state's standardized testing coming up in 11 short school days.  Yikes!  But I know my students are prepared. 
Here are the anchor charts that I use in my room to help my students structure their constructed response. 



Hopefully, they can help you too!  Happy writing!  :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Common Core Assessment

Good morning everyone!  Happy Wednesday!
As I have talked about previously, my school as adopted both core common and standard based report cards this year.  While it is a lot of change, I have continued to make effective assessments in order to see if my students are meeting the common core standards.  Here is my latest one!

Included in this packet is a three page assessment for testing Common Core State Standard 4.NF.3 (fractions). This standard states that a student can understand a fraction a/b with a > 1 as a sum of fractions 1/b.  An answer key and two alternate rubrics are also included!

 Find this assessment and more at my TeachersPayTeachers store for only $1.  Happy assessing!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mail from President Obama!

I am not sure if there are a lot of people that have received mail from President Obama, but before this week I was definitely part of the group who hasn't.  That all changed last week when I opened my mailbox. 
Mail from the white house!  Yeah!  Now, I must state that I was expecting hoping to get something.  I must explain...
The fiancé told me he read online that if you invite the president to your wedding, they send you a signed letter in return.  SO, of course, I sent a wedding invitation to:
The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500
About 3 weeks later, I received this!
I think this is soooo cool!  We are going to frame and display the president's good wishes at our wedding.  Plus it is a great keepsake!
Additionally, I read that you can also invite Mickey and Minnie and they send you something.  Sent the invite to them last week (thanks mom).  Guess we will wait and see!  I'll let you know if anything interesting comes from Walt Disney World!  :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Reading Week Costume Ideas!

It was the middle of reading week...
and as I started to get dressed for school I remembered what day it really was. 
YEAH (going to be a fun day!!) and UGH (what am I going to wear?!).
As I have already announced my brain has been more on what I am going to wear to my wedding rather than what I am going to wear to work.  Needless to say, I did not have a costume ready.  I was not worried, however, as I opened my whole cupboard dedicated to costumes.  As wigs, boas, hats, and other random costume supplies almost toppled onto me, I spotted my Dr. Suess hat from a previous years reading week.  However, just wearing a hat, wasn't good enough!  I spotted my snow white hair bow and decided that would make a great bowtie.  I then grabbed a pair of white gloves (previously worn by the fiancé when he was Mr. Peanut for Halloween) and a white wash cloth.  I cut the wash cloth into a circle shape to use as the cat in the hat belly.  I found all black clothes to wear and attached the belly with safety pins (remember it was the morning...no time to sew now!).  I added a black nose and whiskers with my eyeliner and here's what came out...

The Cat in the Hat was a completely easy costume, but if you have a little more time check out these other ideas!
Now, for more book character dress up fun...
Last year, my best teaching buddy at work KT and I dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Thing 1 had a fish bowl belly (she was pregnant at the time).  Those are pom-poms on our heads.  Simply make a pony tail and push the stick of the pom-pom in between the pony tail and your head.  It stayed nicely all day long!

This year KT put together the cutest costume as the little girl in Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco.
Great idea KT! 
To top it off, we both brought our Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts to work just in case anyone else waned to wear them. 
We found takers...
Lastly, I must share my favorite dress up like a book character day a few years ago.  My grade level all dressed as Eric Carle book characters.  It was very suitable for second grade!
Hopefully, you have been inspired for you next book character dress up day (or save these ideas for Halloween)!  Have fun dressing up!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Coming up..

I guess I have been neglecting my blog over the last month.  I can't imagine why?  Oh wait...could it be that I am getting married in 12 days?! 
Yes, 12 short days and I am so excited for it to get here already.  In the meantime, I do feel that it is appropriate to document what I have been up to lately.  So, I have made a Sunday resolution to blog a little something everyday this week. 
Here's a little peak of what's to come...
Reading week costumes
My letter from President Obama
New Common Core Assessments
Teaching Constructed Responses
and of course what's always on my mind lately...
Wedding planning and the honeymoon!
I have a lot I want to talk about and I can't wait to fill everyone in!

Until tomorrow...

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