Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Changes :)

I know CHANGES are a part of life.  Some are not always the greatest and some are completely wonderful.  Yes, I have both in my life right now.  
The first CHANGE is at work next year.  To start, I will be teaching fourth grade for a second year. This is good so that I can fix all my mistakes from this year!  The part that is not so great is that I will be having a completely new team, in other words, CHANGE!  Most teachers out there know this can be a scary change.  My current co-workers friends all have new plans for next year mostly including moving closer to home and taking care of babies.  I am sooo happy for them, but I will sadly miss seeing their smiling faces each day.  I am excited to meet all the new teachers that will be coming to my school next year, however.  New teachers mean new friends and we can never have enough of those.  Okay, so maybe it isn't the worst change in the world.
Now, for my second CHANGE...I'm a MRS.  YEAH!!!   We did it and our wedding was completely wonderful.  I could go on and go on about it's greatness, but instead pictures say more than words.  Enjoy :)

Welcome bags for a few guests!

 Sent to me the day of the wedding...great timing!

Yeah, married!!!
Reception décor...

Yum...candy table :)

Elvis was in the building!

Ending with a kiss...

I am liking the CHANGE!



  1. ch-ch-ch-changessss!!

    I love this post. Your wedding was so beautiful - we cannot thank you enough for inviting us!

    love ya!!


  2. I am so glad you could be there Susan!

    love ya back :)



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