Friday, April 12, 2013

Wedding Planning and the Honeymoon!

The parents and grandma have arrived in Vegas!  That means the wedding is super just got REALLY real. 
Here's what is what has been running though my mind at any given moment, makeup, centerpieces, flowers, red carpet, weather, officiant, schedule of events, cake, ice sculpture, wishing tree, fans, centerpieces, music... honeymoon!
I have had so much fun planning and here is a glimpse of things I have been doing.
For my shoe bottoms...something blue!

Ring Bearer Wear...

When you can't find your a hair piece that fits your vision...make your own!

Wishing tree and stars so guests can sign in by writing a wish (instead of a guestbook)...

Candy table jars...a work in progress.

Last night's!


Just married hold for pictures!
And...the honeymoon!
Just a peak...almost ready!
Have a great Friday everyone :)


  1. Oh! It's exciting! I wish i can do the same on my wedding! I just got engaged and i'll be doing the preparations but i still haven't started because i don't know where and how to start. Best of luck to you!


  2. You seemed to be having a great job on the wedding preparations! I love the wishing tree and stars idea. It's different from the traditional guestbook in weddings. I'm sure you are excited, i am too for you. Can't wait for your big day. Please keep us posted.


  3. Thanks for your kind words ladies! It was a great day! I am putting some pictures together to post now :)

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