Saturday, May 11, 2013

Better than Christmas?

I had such a great week at school last week for Teacher Appreciation Week!  Better than Christmas?  Well, definitely close!  My students showered me with love everyday and PTO provided breakfast and lunch for us everyday.  I feel a BIG THANK YOU is in store.  I teach a great bunch of students.  My friend Sara said it best, "I can't wait to hear about them as they change the world." 
Here's a snapshot of my amazing week...
Bring your teacher fruit day (plus look at the amazing ice sculpture)!

Bring your teacher a flower day.  One student was so cute, look at the message attached to her flower..."My education grows because of you." 
Write your teacher a note day, my heart is smiling!

Bring your teacher a beverage day, my stomach is smiling!
 Bring a teacher a gift day, I love it!
Hope you had a great Teacher Appreciation Week too!


  1. What a neat idea! I'm trying to figure out a way to subtly suggest to our admin that our school do something like this next year! I work in a very poor area and some kids feel bad they can't bring anything. But everyone could take part in "note" day. Awesome idea!!

  2. Exactly! Another idea might be have the students all wear a certain color to show appreciation such as wear RED to show your teacher you LOVE all the things he/she has taught you this year!


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