Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How do you know you had a great year?

I think it is so funny how I wait ALLLLLL year for the last day of school, but then it comes and it is very bitter sweet.  Turns out, I really love my fourth graders this year!  It was a bumpy ride as I learned a lot about how to teach an immediate grade and I am definitely looking forward to next year when I can fix all my fourth grade newbie mistakes. 
So tomorrow...it's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Hmmm, the last day of school.  It is strange how exciting and sad something can be at the same time.  I am so excited to have a couple months off to travel, do more blogging, and teachers pay teachers, but it's hard to leave my school and classroom family.  They truly are a family.
So how do you know if you had a great year?  It dawned on me last night as I stayed up until almost 1am making end of the year photo albums for each of my students.  (Crazy, I know, but giving them out today worth every minute.)  So here it is...I think you know you had a great year if you can picture each one of your students smiling.  If you can picture what their smile really looks like, then you got through to that student in some way, you made a difference, and you had a great year.  I could do that and that makes me smile.  :) 
I'd love to hear from you...how do you know you had a great year?
So now for another milestone...my first linky party!  YEAH!  I am linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade.  Appropriate for how I am feeling right now. 
Here's my currently...

Thank you Farley for my first Linky Party!  :)
Cheers to a great end of the year everyone!


  1. I totally do that too! I stay up way too late doing things for school and for my kids! Enjoy your summer break!

    Sixth Grade Scribbles

  2. I make photo albums for my kiddos every year too! They just love them, and they always come back later and tell me they've saved them over the years. :) Makes me feel good about the time (and money) it takes to make them, hehe. Enjoy your summer vacation!!


  3. Thanks Cyndie and everyone enjoy your breaks too! Also Katie see my message on your blog...I am your newest follower :)


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