Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parent Appreciation Gift Ideas!

I can hardly believe that this school year is almost over.  Our school recently had a parent appreciation potluck lunch.  It was a great way to honor the parents who have helped so much throughout the year, but I know that every school out there might not have an organized event like this or maybe some teachers want to give their parents a little extra end of the year thank you.  So I searched for some cute, simply ways to thank all the parents out there and combined them with some of my own ideas.  Take a look at the ideas I compiled below!
"Thanks for giving us a hand!"
Place tags on hand lotion.
"Thanks for POPPIN' IN!"
Place tag on popcorn.

"Thanks for PITCHIN' IN!"
Place tag on pitcher drink mix.

"Thanks for CHIPPIN' IN!"
Place tag on Chips Ahoy cookies.

"Thanks for CHIPPIN' IN!"
Place tag on bag of chips.

"What would I 'DEW' without you?"
Place tag on bottle of Mountain Dew.

"We'd be in PIECES without you!"
Place tag on a puzzle.
"We'd be in PIECES without you!"
Place on Reese's Pieces candy.

"You have been a lifesaver!  Thank you!"
Place tags on pack on lifesavers.

"We need S'MORE parents like you!  Thanks for all you do!"
Place tag on s'more kit of Hershey's bar, marshmallows, and graham crackers.
"I MINT to tell you how much you are appreciated!  Thanks for all you do!"
Place tag on Junior Mints candy.

"Thank you for helping us BLOOM & GROW!"
Place tag on plant.

"Thanks for your EXTRA help this year!"
Place tag on pack of Extra gum.
"OWL never forget your help!  Our parents are the best!  Thank you!"
Place tag on anything owl.
Here is example of the tags...
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Take time to enjoy the end of the school year and have fun with the beginning of summer everyone!

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