Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Teacher $1 Buys...Score!

Whenever I am shopping, I am always keeping an eye open for some new classroom additions that are on sale or cheap!  Well, I found two so far this summer that I feel are worthy of sharing.  

First up...Target!  

Got to love the dollar section!  It pulls me in every time. (Unless I am shopping with the hubby.  In this case, we are always very focused and seem to bypass the shelves calling to me.)  Well, last week, I was by myself and this section was calling "Michelle" nice and clear.  So glad that I stopped because I scored these awesome book containers for only $1! 

Loving the cool designs.  They will look great in my classroom next year!

Next up...Dollar Tree!

I buy all my greeting cards here!  They are only 50 cents and not cheap by any means!  Many of them even say they cost more on the back.  Gotta love that!  Anyway, now that I revealed my secret, I was shopping for a birthday card for Grandma a few days ago.  (HAPPY 83rd BIRTHDAY to the BEST GRANDMA in the WHOLE WORLD!)  While I was card shopping, I quickly stopped in the teacher section.  I found these adorable owl clings for my classroom window!  Love them even more because our school mascot is the owl!  YEAH!

As I looked more through the clings, I found these polka dot clings.  At first, I glanced over them and then I stopped to take a closer look...

They are border window clings!  I had never seen this before and I was instantly in love!  I have tried taping paper border to the white board or windows before and it looks fine for awhile, but then starts to fall down and looks like a big mess.  Well, no more with border window clings!  I am so excited to try these in my classroom next year on both my window and white boards!  YEAH (again)!

Anyone else have a good summer teacher buy they found?  Love to hear it!


  1. Where did you find those window clings... I will buy them off of you! I have been looking for them everywhere.

  2. They were at the Dollar Tree of all places! I hope you have one by you! I am so excited to use them this year :)


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