Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blogger Meet Up = SO FUN!

I had such a great time last night meeting and talking with some of the teacher bloggers that I admire!  Everyone was so friendly and I could feel the positive energy as soon as I walked into the room!  What better way to recap the night than with a bunch of pictures!  So without further delay, here we go...

 Deanna Jump, I truly admire this women for her hard work and dedication to Teachers Pay Teachers!  She was very friendly when I met her and smiled the whole night!

John and Amy flew in from Teachers Pay Teachers!  They were so kind and made me appreciate the organization so much more than I already did.  


Just a snapshot of the ballroom when I first arrived!  Everyone clustered together talking up a storm!

My fellow blogging buddy Cyndie from Chalk One Up for the Teacher.  We had a couple followers find us wearing our Ace of Hearts for their free gift cards!  Congrats to those who won!

Cyndie also worked hard to make cookies with bookmarks with all our blogging friends buttons on them!  Those cookies sure went fast!  Here is Kimberly from Kinderby Kim who got the first cookie!  She presented at the I Teach K conference and was super friendly. 

Here is another blogger I admire...Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans.  I loved how down to earth and welcoming she was as we chatted. 

Recognize anyone here?  From left to right...Ari from Science Penguin, Michelle from Well, Michelle?, Rachel Lynett from Minds in Bloom, and Heather from HoJos Teaching Adventure!  Haha!  Don't you love how I added myself in there?!

This is Erica Bohrer who is going to start presenting at the SDE conferences!  So excited for her!  Also in this picture was my camera woman for the night and wonderful teacher that I get the privilege to work with!  You can find Lisa's TPT store here.

  There was an amazing raffle of door prizes at the meet up, but guess who was too busy chatting it up and completely forgot to even enter?  If you guessed ME, you are completely RIGHT!  Who does that?!  UGH!  The stars aligned, however, and I ended up having a Erin Condren sticker under my chair and won a $10 gift card to her shop! Then, Cyndie decided to generously give me the necklace and earrings she had won.  I am showcasing the them in this picture.  It matched my outfit perfectly and was so meant to be! 

A group shot of ALL the amazing bloggers that were in the building!  I am top row, fourth from the left, standing on a chair.  I am next to two wonderful people...on my left, Jennifer from Simply Kinder and on my right, the MC for the night, Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants.  She did a fabulous job!

Okay, now best for last!  Elvis let me wear his glasses!

If you were not there, see how much fun it was?  Start making arrangements now for next year and hope to meet even more of you!


  1. Looks like so much fun. I am always so tongue-tied around people I don't know, but this group looks relaxed and FUN!

  2. Everyone was seriously very friendly!
    :) Michelle

  3. Looks like an amazing time! I spend so much time reading blogs that I feel like I know most of these people!
    Teach With Laughter

  4. Looks like fun! I am your newest follower;)


  5. Wow Michelle!! Looks like you had an awesome time!!

    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  6. You were just too precious!!!! LOVE your dress! I LOVE that you enjoyed yourself!!!!!!!!! See you next year!

  7. I did have an amazing time! Thanks Rachelle, but I don't think any dress could beat your awesome chevron dress!! I will definitely be there next year, the 20 minute drive is great! Although next year, I think I might want to have a Vegas "Staycation" and stay on the strip with everyone!

  8. I wish I remembered to take pictures! I was having so much fun, I only got a couple! Your pictures are awesome!

    I totally missed the cookies, but I'm ok with that!

    I'm already planning to go back next year! Hopefully I'll meet you then!

    Sally from Elementary Matters (front row, second from left - red and white dress in group picture.

  9. Thanks Sally! Sorry, I didn't get to meet you! I definitely will next year! I will be there for sure :)

  10. Love this! Thank you for posting the picture of us! Do you mind if I share it in my blog post sometime next week? I can't wait to blog about all this when I get home!! So nice to meet you!

  11. Oh you bet! I love sharing! Nice too meet you too :)

  12. What a great time! Michelle, your pictures really captured the excitement of the evening. :)

  13. Oh my goodness. you were the one who had the adorable dress. I kept telling everyone I wanted your dress! Wasn't it fun! I want to do that every weekend! Love your pictures!

  14. Thanks! Secretly, the dress was on clearance! Shhhh...hehe! Love your pictures of the night too and I can't wait for next year. It was so nice meeting you :)

  15. How fun for you all!!! So jealous! But loved looking through your fun pics! Amy :)

  16. Thanks for the awesome post! It was so nice meeting you. Love the dress and the necklace.

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