Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Lovin'

My summer has been pretty fantastic so far!  One of my favorite things to do is go out to brunch with the hubby.  We recently tried a new place recommended by my sweet friend Susan from Thank God It's First Grade!  

Let me introduce you to Rambo's Kitchen...

Not huge inside, but super cool decor!

Huge plus...a plethora of games to play while you are dining!

And books to read...these two were on our table!

We ended up playing a challenging trivia game!  I think it ended in a tie ;)

Hubbies favorite...homemade hot mini donuts!  We got an order to go, but I am pretty sure they didn't even make it to the car!  In fact, most of their food is homemade.  Another great reason this place rocks!

We asked the Magic 8 ball a few questions before we left.  
Will be coming back to Rambo's Kitchen?  

Now for my second favorite summer thing to do...CONCERTS!  Yesterday we went to the Cosmopolitan to see Atmosphere and Slightly Stoopid.   Outdoor concert by the pool overlooking the Las Vegas strip...who wouldn't love that?!  So fun!

And then today...we went to Walmart.


Now this is Back to School in FULL FORCE!  Not just a little stuff out, but everything right there hitting you in the face as soon as you walk into the store.  I almost fainted.  Hehe!  Now I am not complaining, I am just is July 14th people!!!  Happy summer everyone!


  1. What a fun read. I found you from Primary Paradise and I will be following on Bloglovin.

  2. Thanks Cecilia! Welcome to my world :)

  3. Thanks from rambos kitchen!!


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