Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Currently is here!

Yes, I know it is July 10th already, but I have been feeling very under the weather lately.  Finally, feeling well enough to enter the blogging world again!  :)

I truly did start my Currently on the first of the month, so I thought I would finally finish it and still post it! 

Thank you to Farley from

for hosting the monthly Currently linky party!  It was my first and my favorite so I didn't want to miss July!  It's not too late if you haven't linked up yet.  :)

Also wanted to give a huge shout out to my adorable husband.  He is the reason I have healed so quickly.  He is a wonderful man and made sure I had whatever I needed at all times.  He is a remarkable person and I am so glad I married him.

Thank you also to my sister-in-law for being there when I needed you most and my nephew Gavin for making me this beautiful get well drawing!  The smiles definitely helped!

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  1. Hi Michelle! Happy to find you on currently! I linked up two after you. It certainly would be too hot for me there in Vegas -although it's been pretty darn hot in NY too! Glad to be a new follower - good luck with your blog! Christi designed mine too :)
    The Teacher’s Chair
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