Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Picture Day!

Picture day is quickly approaching (it is tomorrow!) so in honor of this special day I thought I would share a few of my elementary grade school pictures.  Got to love the early 90's!

First up, fourth grade (which is special to me as it is the grade I am currently teaching)...

Seriously, the bangs?  I'm laughing at myself!

Next up, sixth grade....

Now, I thought I was looking a lot better in this pic until the hubby informed me that I looked like I was applying for a news anchor job!  BAHAHAHA (as my blogging friends would say)!

Thank you mom for digging these up and helping me photograph them electronically!  This year's school picture will be in the mail soon :)

Happy picture day to all!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Using Common Core Tracking Sheets in the Classroom!

I finished my Common Core Tracking Sheets for the Standards Based Report Card a while ago and I think it is time to finally share it with all of you!  I have begun implementing them in the classroom so here is a peek into how I do it...

First off, here is an example of what a blank sheets look like.  This example is the fourth grade math ones.  

The cool part about it is that ALL the math standards fit on two pages and can be copied front and back on ONE sheet of paper!  This is the same for ALL the reading standards and ALL the writing standards.  You only need 3 sheets of paper per student!  I love saving paper!  SCORE!

Next, here are examples of how my students track their progress.  I have the students fill in an abbreviation and color for each assessment using this guide:

Exceeds  - Ex (blue)
Meets - Me (green)
Approaching - Ap (yellow)
Emergent - Em (red)

I have the students write both the abbreviation AND the color because the abbreviations are needed when I go to make copies (color doesn't copy at school) and because I feel the colors are more visually meaningful to the students.

I really feel that these student progress tracking sheets will make your life a lot easier when beginning the Standards Based Report Card (SBRC).  I also decided to make them for each grade level (grades 1-5).  Included in each packet are all Math, English Language Arts, and Writing Common Core Standards.  These simple sheets list the whole standard and have four boxes to track progress and growth. Each student will have their own page, so the pages can be copied and sent home to parents for progress reports.

Also included are tips for use, tracking sheet cover pages (Math, English Language Arts, and Writing) and a Standards Based Report Card Analogy that is student and parent friendly!

Click on each picture below to get individual grade levels!

Check out the bonus analogy included!

I also created a discounted bundle!  This discounted bundle is sold for use by 5 teachers (one teacher grades 1-5). It is sold for intended use of a whole school. With this purchase, you may buy additional licenses at half price at checkout.  Click on the picture to find it in my store. :)

Good luck implemented the Common Core State Standards!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

World Gratitude Day {Blog Hop}

My friend Mel told me today, September 21, is World Gratitude Day and organized this amazing BLOG HOP! 

 World Gratitude Day is a relatively unknown special day, but it is a great opportunity for us to have a quick chat with those that we teach and love and tell them what we are grateful for! 

for my wonderful husband, my supportive family, and my energetic dog,

for my dearest friends 
(most of whom I do not get to see every day near and far),

for my amazing coworkers,

for my smart students,

for my super talented blogging buddies.

My life is better because of these people and I wouldn't change it for anything!

Part of the reason I have found great joy in my life is that I feel very fulfilled and connected to the teaching and blogging community. Teachers Pay Teachers has allowed me to share things I create with the world. I thank everyone reading this from the bottom of my heart for being a very valued blog follower of mine. It means a great deal to me, and I showing my gratitude today by turning one of my new products into a Flash Freebie for you!

Head to my TpT store to find my parent appreciation gift ideas and tags FREE for today!
You may still purchase this item 20% off for the rest of the week! Enjoy :)

Then hop around to see some of my bloggy friends and find what surprise they have in store for you! At the end of the hop, please enter our rafflecopter to try to win a $50 TpT voucher!! 

Thank you for visiting...head over to Randi in Teaches Third in Georgia for your next stop! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Open House Apples

Phew...I survived open house!  Even with my lingering back to school cold, I got through the night with a smile on my face.  I even had 21 of my 28 families show up so I would say that it was pretty successful.  :)

I gave all the parents a special apple with the saying, "An apple for a teacher is really nothing new, except when you remember parents are teachers too."  I think it really sets a positive mood for the night.  
Here's some pics...

And guess what?! 
You can get this FREEBIE at my store!  {Click Here}

Disclaimer:  Apples not included!

Hope you can use these too at your upcoming open house or parent conferences.  :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Got Chevron?

I know you know how popular the CHEVRON has become, but see how it has popped up in my classroom today over at The Teaching Tribune.

Here's a sneak peak...

If nothing else remember to...

Lastly, parting words from Charlie Brown...
Thanks Charlie :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Flowers to brighten your day!

I visited a friend's classroom last week before school started and she spruced up her room by buying some beautiful flowers.  This simple thing really made the classroom more cheery!  
So, of course, I needed to do it too! 

Well, I just realized these flowers are exactly what I was missing last week!  They are inexpensive and worth every penny to bring some of the outside into the classroom!

Time for football now, but I'm definitely going to make an extra stop before school tomorrow morning to buy some more flowers!  :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Glyph Bulletin Board

I absolutely love my get to know you newspaper glyph I created!  My students' completed glyphs turned out so cute and I finished my bulletin board with some of the best ones today.  Have a peek...

Here's a couple close ups...

For the border, I used tissue paper!  So easy and I think it looks great!  Simply, crinkle up one sheet at a time and staple it around your board.

I also took a couple close ups of completed student examples...

The "BE KIND" tips are my favorite!  Remember to always help someone up if they fall.  :)

Oh, and if you don't want to reinvent the wheel...grab it now in my here.

Enjoy and happy glyphing!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Making Rules

I finally finished the first week of this school year!  I know it is going to be a great year and I already love my class.  Real quick, I would like to share with everyone, perhaps the most effective thing I did all week...set up my classroom rules!

It took me 8 years to get here, but I finally love the way I establish my classroom rules.  It really helps to create my classroom community from the beginning.  I think it helps my students be more aware and accountable for their actions because they are active participants in the decision making.

So here's what we did...

First step, jot thoughts on posters.  I laid out 7 posters around the room and the students traveled around reflecting on the questions.  We used these posters to brainstorm what our classroom should look like.  Here are some samples...

Next, we discussed the posters whole group and made some notes on the board of what we thought was most important.  We used these notes to come up with 4 important rules for the classroom.  Here is what our notes looked like...

I recommend making between 3-5 rules to ensure that the students remember them and can implement them effectively.  Once we had our rules established, I wrote the rules out on a poster.

Finally, we added signatures and this is my favorite part!  You could simply have the students sign their names around the outside agreeing to the rules or you could have the students sign with hand prints!  Hand prints are the route I took and it makes our rules poster look so cute!  Plus, you are the coolest teacher ever when you paint student's hands on the first day of school!  The students seriously had so much fun doing this. 

 So, good luck making  your rules in the classroom!
Also to help anyone out who likes this idea, I put them all together and posted them on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I also created posters of the seven questions that I used for brainstorming.  You can download this product for FREE for the next 7 days!  Simple CLICK HERE.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.  Enjoy :)

I can't wait to see what is in store for week two!
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