Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Using Common Core Tracking Sheets in the Classroom!

I finished my Common Core Tracking Sheets for the Standards Based Report Card a while ago and I think it is time to finally share it with all of you!  I have begun implementing them in the classroom so here is a peek into how I do it...

First off, here is an example of what a blank sheets look like.  This example is the fourth grade math ones.  

The cool part about it is that ALL the math standards fit on two pages and can be copied front and back on ONE sheet of paper!  This is the same for ALL the reading standards and ALL the writing standards.  You only need 3 sheets of paper per student!  I love saving paper!  SCORE!

Next, here are examples of how my students track their progress.  I have the students fill in an abbreviation and color for each assessment using this guide:

Exceeds  - Ex (blue)
Meets - Me (green)
Approaching - Ap (yellow)
Emergent - Em (red)

I have the students write both the abbreviation AND the color because the abbreviations are needed when I go to make copies (color doesn't copy at school) and because I feel the colors are more visually meaningful to the students.

I really feel that these student progress tracking sheets will make your life a lot easier when beginning the Standards Based Report Card (SBRC).  I also decided to make them for each grade level (grades 1-5).  Included in each packet are all Math, English Language Arts, and Writing Common Core Standards.  These simple sheets list the whole standard and have four boxes to track progress and growth. Each student will have their own page, so the pages can be copied and sent home to parents for progress reports.

Also included are tips for use, tracking sheet cover pages (Math, English Language Arts, and Writing) and a Standards Based Report Card Analogy that is student and parent friendly!

Click on each picture below to get individual grade levels!

Check out the bonus analogy included!

I also created a discounted bundle!  This discounted bundle is sold for use by 5 teachers (one teacher grades 1-5). It is sold for intended use of a whole school. With this purchase, you may buy additional licenses at half price at checkout.  Click on the picture to find it in my store. :)

Good luck implemented the Common Core State Standards!

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