Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Place Value FUN!

I have really been working on the way I teach place value in the classroom and I am loving it!  We even dedicated our hallway bulletin board to place value!  Check it out...

Of course, I am in LOVE with my CHEVRON background paper too!

For more information on how to read an arrow pathway or to get your hands on some practice task cards, you will find it all in my new packet...

{Click here to find this!}

If you like this place value activity, you might also like these other place value games...

I also decided to bundle all 3 for a discount!

Now for the best part...for the next 2 days this bundle is 20%!  I hope your students enjoy having place value FUN as much as mine did!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Power of 00

I recently met The Human Calculator at a truly inspiring math professional development training.  If you have never heard of Scott Flansburg before check out the YouTube videos below.  I promise they are worth your time.

This first one is snip from a interview on the Today show...

Here he is breaking a Guinness World Record...

This last one is Scott on the Oprah show...

Want more?  You can YouTube his name and find more such as presentations similar to the one I saw on that Saturday.

It was one of those Saturdays where you feel like the last thing you want to do is go to a training, but I was so glad I did!  I left feeling re-energized and incorporated what I learned right into my next weeks plans!  We were beginning place value in fourth grade and Scott's approach using the 00 chart couldn't have come at a better time.  I also found a copy of this chart in a Kathy Richardson book.  I copied it for my students and had them find all the patterns in this chart.  Here are some we found...

WOW!  Seeing the relationships between numbers and building this number sense on this 00 chart was extremely important...The Power of 00!

Now, for the Common Core State Standard for 4th grade, students must know place value to the 1,000,000 place, but I firmly believe beginning smaller and working your way up, helps the students to build understanding and closes all gaps students may have.  Therefore, we went on to build 1,099 mini books.  I copied several small, blank hundreds charts and had the students fill in the first and last numbers and a row and column on each page.  I loved starting with 00!  It makes so much more sense.  When you start with 00, the 100 chart really begins with 100 and contains all numbers in 100, the 200 chart really begins with 200 and contains all the numbers in 200, and so on.  Here are some example pages from one student's book...

Next, we worked our way up to the ten thousands and created a class 10,999 poster.  Here is what our completed poster looked like...

These strategies have really developed place value number sense. Hope you have fun with 00 in your class too! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Donors Choose ROCKS!

Last week I posted about out my newly posted Donors Choose project to get a NEW world carpet for our classroom.  Well, guess what?!  It was fully funded under one week!  I can hardly believe it!  The support of my fellow teachers, parents, and school community was outstanding!  I feel truly blessed and my students are so excited to get their rug soon.  Here is a picture of what it will look like:

So excited!!  I highly recommend that all teachers start a Donors Choose project.  For details on my completed project or to start your own 

Also a reminder that there is still time to go trick or treating if you haven't with my Teaching Tribune friends!  The blog hop and rafflecoppter ends tonight over at The Teaching Tribune.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tricks and Treats Ahead...A Halloween Blog Hop!

Trick or treat!
Smell my feet!
Give me something good to eat!


This always makes me remember my own childhood years.  We really thought we were something saying that!

Well, no childhood for me anymore.  I don't have anything good to eat and certainly, don't smell my feet!  (PHEW!)

This is Cynthia from

 taking over this blog today as my trick, but keep reading to get your treat!

Several bloggers at {The Teaching Tribune} have joined together for this Trick or Treat Blog Hop. You will find more tricks as well as plenty of treats as you hop from door to door.

My treat for you is a portion of my new Interactive Centers for Fall.

To see more, click above on the picture.  To get your freebie, click HERE.

Now it's time to go "next door" to discover the next trickster and collect another treat. Click on the picture below to take you there!

{or Click Here}

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Who's there?  This is a sneak peak!

Also stop by The Teaching Tribune today if you haven't to read my blog post about a great engagement strategy called "Read and Review."  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

TpT Sale and Donors Choose!

YEAH!! We all love a good TpT sale!  Well, today and tomorrow my store is 20% off to celebrate TpT gaining 100,000 Facebook fans.  You can earn an extra 10% off by using the promo code fb100k from today through and Monday night!  Happy shopping :)

Here is a link to my store if you want to check out some great deals!  

Secondly, I wanted to give a shout out to my NEW Donors Choose project.  

It just got it posted on Thursday night.  I am hoping to get a new world classroom rug for our gathering area!  It will cover up the old ugly carpet and brighten up our learning environment.  Here is a picture of the rug...

If you want to donate to our project, you can find it here...

Also ANY donations to this project until Wednesday, October 16th gets doubled when you use the promotional code INSPIRE! WOW! I really appreciate any contributions.  Even $1 is doubled to $2!  Have any other readers out there had donors choose success?  If so, I would love to hear about what you got funded!  

Have a great Sunday everyone :) 
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