Saturday, November 2, 2013

What's Your Schedule? {LINKY TIME!}

My friend Susan from Thank God It's First Grade recently moved across the United States.  Teaching in a different state made her realize how different her schedule was and got her thinking some of these questions...

How long is your school day? 
How long do you have for each subject? 
Do you have a Social Studies or Science block? 
Do you get time for planning or PD each week?

Well, I am just as NOSY as her so I am loving the Linky Party that she set up!

Click on the picture above to read about Susan's day and join in on the Linky fun, but first, read below and to see what my day is like!

Now for some of the other questions answered...
How long is your school day? 7 hours and 15 minutes "required," but there has not been one day that I have actually been able to work that amount!  The teacher is me is always there early and leaving late!
How long do you have for each subject?  The exact times and schedule is set by the school district and administration.  I do love our newly added "Power Hour" block, however.  We differentiated all the students in the grade level.  Therefore, during the block I am teaching students who are all on the same level.  It works great! 
Do you have a Social Studies or Science block? We have a 50 minute block every Monday.  Additionally, we embed Science and Social Studies into the other subjects.
Do you get time for planning or PD each week?  Twice a week we meet as a grade level for about a 40 minute block.  We have common preps across our grade level so this makes it easy to do this.  We do not get any extra time besides this.  I am absolutely in LOVE with and jealous of Susan's Friday afternoons!  That's definitely on my wishlist!  I would LOVE all that extra planning time!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my day!  Now, I am off to snoop around the other bloggers that Linked up with Susan! 


  1. Wow! It's nice that you have the same specials time everyday! I wish we did. Thanks for stopping by and linking up!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

    1. Yes Hilary, it is sooooo nice having a routine schedule! It keeps the guessing out of it and the students always know what to expect!
      Take care,

  2. MICHELLLEEEEE! I heart you and thank you for linking up!!!

    I thought your Oberettes would love that Friday afternoon - I love it too!!! It makes our other 4 reallllyyyy long days worth it!

    I miss you!!


    1. That would be SOOOOO worth it! I seriously need to bring that up! Miss you too! How's your summer Vegas vacation planning going?
      :) Michelle

  3. Replies
    1. HaHa! The first bell rings at 9:10 where I pick up my students and I actually have to be at school at 8:25, but yes, it is a later start than most schools. I am not a morning person, though, and I love every minute of it!! :)


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