Monday, January 13, 2014

Make a Closed Circuit = Engagement!

Science experiments usually produce high levels of engagement and today's lesson of making a closed circuit was no exception!  One of our fourth grade science standards states students must investigate, construct, and describe simple electrical circuits.  The amount of energy in the room was contagious and we met our learning target!  

Here is what you need to make a closed circuit:
1. Mini light bulbs (the ones you would find in a flashlight)
2. D-Cells
3. Pieces of copper wire

I gave the students these materials and let them explore to try to light the light bulb.  Most teams were able to figure it out without my guidance.

Here are some pics...
Teamwork lighting the light bulb and completing a closed circuit with two wires.

Teamwork to create a closed circuit with only one wire.

Figuring it out and lighting the light bulb independently!

Every single student was focused, on task, and so excited for this activity.  I wish I could show you pictures of the big smiles students got when they successfully closed the circuit and where able to light the light bulb.  By the end of the lesson, they could describe a closed circuit and proved it to me by drawing models in the their science notebooks like this:

If this fits your standards, I highly recommend this activity.  The materials are easy to get and worth every penny!  Have fun making a closed circuit!  :)


  1. FUN! I have circuits planned either next week or the week after. I can't remember. It's always a highlight of 5th grade science. Thanks for the pictures. I'll be sharing with my students.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Great Alison! Hope you have just as much fun with circuits as we did! :)
    Take care,

  3.'s a link for next year's competition.
    I think your little experiment is Excellent...and I would give you an "A+"! Here's a competition my company is holding... Keep up the Good Work. Dr. Resnick, Inventor of Stealth


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