Sunday, March 9, 2014

Want Engagement? Try These Bright Ideas!

Let the bright ideas continue to flow!  Hopefully, you have been enjoying hopping through and discovering lots of new bright ideas to try in your classroom next week!  If you are just joining the hop, WELCOME!  I know you will love this next BRIGHT IDEA!

I have for you some simple engagement tools that I use in my classroom to make the boring seem exciting!  The students always want to share when I bust out the "clapper" or the "whoop button" for them to use after they share an idea!  Here is what they look like:

(Thank you to Graphics From the Pond for these borders and Mad Clips Factory for the arrows!)
 In fact, I have also gathered these over the last few years too.  The "Get Jiggy With It" button plays an Irish tune and the egg plays and Easter dance!  My students love pushing them and I only reserve it for when they do something amazing!
My favorite engagement piece, however, has to be what I call "A Bright Idea."  It is one of those cheap spinning globes that light up when you push the button on the side.  I use it when the students are sharing answers to a question or during discussions.  I start it off by picking a student, holding the globe over his or her head, and saying "tell me your bright idea."  The student responds and picks another student.  Usually EVERY hand is up in the classroom when the "bright idea" comes out!  It is fun to do with the lights off too!
 To mix it up, sometimes we use the "power stick."  Instead of saying, "Tell me your bright idea," we say, "You have the power!"
Some of these engagement tools I bought at the Dollar Tree and the buttons I usually get at Hallmark stores.  Hopefully, you can grab one of these and start using it your classroom next week! I would also love to hear about other engagement tools that you already use in your classroom.  I am always looking for new ideas!

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