Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea ~ Make a Happy Chair!

I can't not wait to share my next BRIGHT IDEA with you!  

Perhaps one of the best things I made for my classroom this year is my HAPPY CHAIR and I think every classroom should own one!  If you are having a bad moment, you just sit in the chair and immediately feel better!  (I swear it has special powers!)  

Here is how I made mine...

I found the paint in the mismatch section at Home Depot and the chair in the clearance section at RC Willey.  SCORE!

And TA DA!

I have the chair in the front of the room and sit in it during carpet time.  I also use it as rewards and anyone presenting to the class can sit in it too.  There is only one have to smile while sitting in it!

(Thank you to Dreamlike Magic and Mad Clips Factory for the backgrounds and fancy arrows to jazz up my pictures!)

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  1. I totally want to add more furniture to my classroom next year. I want it to look more cozy. Your chair is adorable!
    The Schroeder Page


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