Sunday, May 18, 2014

National Boards Certification

I was recognized by my school district last night for achieving my National Boards Certification this year!  It was a lot of work going through the process, but I can confidently say that I am a more accomplished teacher now than when I began the National Boards journey.  

I call it a journey because I have a bit of a took me 3 years to complete.  I debated on whether or not to even share this information, but I feel it is important to be honest.  My first year, I missed the certification mark by 6 little points.  Yes, that is it...6 points...and I tried so hard.  The second year, I decided to redo only one main part and I quickly learned that wasn't enough.  My score did not improve.  This was almost my breaking point.  My third year, I gave it all I had.  I redid two quizzes and another main part and, finally, I received the outcome I had been seeking!

Yes, there are teachers who are able to become National Board Certified in one year.  To these teachers, I tip my hat to you.  I now, however, understand why you are allowed three years to complete it.  When I said that it was a lot of work, I meant it.  It is NOT easy.  There are several instances where I wanted to throw in the towel (and I never give up), but I pushed forward.  

The moment I experienced after getting my results for the third time was priceless.  The emotion overcame me as I glanced at the computer screen to see the words...

I remember the moment so well...I just started crying.  The hubby (who has been by my side through it all) didn't know what to say.  He said he honestly couldn't tell if I had become certified or not at first.  It bought tears to my eyes because it is a huge deal.  I am proud of myself for keeping at it for three years and proving to myself that I could do it.

If you are interested in becoming a National Board Certified Teacher, you can click here for more details on their website.  It is a tough process, but through the process I was able to really refine my teaching practice.  My advice to all candidates out there is to keep at it.  It will be a bumpy ride, but if you started the process, it will be worth it to you in the end.  Good luck to you!  :)

Now, for the celebration part!  Last night, I was recognized by my school district for the accomplishment.
 I was given this neat flame award...

 and, of course, the award had to go on the mantel!  :)

Thank you for letting me share my National Boards journey with you!  To further celebrate the day, I treated myself to a pair of Tieks!  Thanks to my hubby for convincing me that I deserved it!


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  2. Congrats to you! Our county no longer compensates teacher for achieving this, so not many pursue it any more. Love the shoes, you do deserve them. I really appreciate that you shared that it took you the full allotted time.

  3. Congrats! I just went through the renewal process....I know exactly what you are talking about. I had to bank my scores for one year and then I redid two of the entries. I know it is a wonderful feeling!


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