Sunday, June 29, 2014

Homemade Spinners!

I use the simple "pencil and paperclip" to make a spinner in many of my classroom games and activities.  

I also use these simple items when creating many Teachers Pay Teachers products.  I recently received a question on my page on how to use a pencil and paperclip to make a spinner and quickly realized it my not be known by everyone.  It is so easy and useful addition to any classroom!  So without further hesitation, let me model the spinner using my latest freebie "Spin Up an Array."  

In this first picture, you can see that the pencil goes inside the paperclip.  Any size paperclip and any pencil (or pen) will work!

Next, while holding the pencil, simply flick the paperclip to spin it!

 You can see this spin landed on "2."

For this game, I fill in 2 for factor #1 on the recording sheet.

Then, I spin again!

Factor #2 landed on number 9.

So, back to the recording sheet and I fill in 9 for factor #2.

For this game, I also need to draw the array and write in the product before spinning again!

Now you can easily go make your own spinners!  If you want to try out this game, just click on the picture below:
 Or you can check out the complete multiplication activities and games packet called Cooking Up Arrays!


  1. I love this multiplication game. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know how to use these spinners until a colleague showed me!

  2. Glad it will help you Lisa! You are totally right about the spinners...someone showed me too and I was amazed! Hopefully, everyone can use this little trick!

  3. So simple and something different from getting the dice or cards out to generate numbers each time!
    Growing Little Learners


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