Monday, January 5, 2015

Make a Compliment Jar

A co-worker told me about an amazing idea a few weeks ago and it was one of those ideas that I just had to implement immediately.  I introduce to you...
the compliment jar!

So, here is how it works...
Every morning the students come in and pick a chip with someone else's name on it.  **eyes closed**  Then, they put the chip they picked in their pocket (or shoe for those with no pockets).  Sometime throughout the day, the student will give a compliment to the person whose name is on their chip.  It is really important that they never reveal whose name they had for the day and at the end of the day, the chips get returned into the basket.

These little "random" acts of kindness really spread the love around the classroom!

Want to make your own?
So, easy!
All I did was write every student's name on a chip.  I used red/yellow chips that I had several of, but poker chips or any small item could also be used.

Then, place them in a small container so students can pick a name everyday!  That's it!

1. I am going to transfer the names to labels instead of using a sharpie because names sometimes rub off the red/yellow chips.
2. Start with a few reminders including remembering to keep it secret, remembering to give a compliment without revealing you picked that person's chip, and remembering to return the chips at the end of the day.  With these little reminders in the beginning, it will become routine without much effort.
3. Include your name and the teacher will pick a chip everyday too!

Good luck making your compliment jar!  
Seeing the kindness being spread across the room = priceless.


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