Sunday, March 8, 2015

Easy Bulletin Board Ideas

My biggest tip to ANY teacher out there...don't do holiday bulletin boards! I am talking about those hallway ones that are on show for everyone to see. I repeat...DO NOT DO HOLIDAY BULLETIN BOARDS. (Sorry for screaming that in all caps, but I want you to know that I really mean it.) I know you just saw this amazing bulletin board idea on Pinterest that you are dying to do, but I am warning you now...stay away. 
I must admit that when I first started teaching, I too fell into the holiday bulletin boards trap. That is exactly what it is, a TRAP because they look so darn cute. I have since changed my ways, however. 

Today my bulletin boards are strictly content driven that could be left up for any holiday. I may occasionally throw in some seasonal decor or colors to spruce up the bulletin board, but that is it. The rest is content.  

Now, before I show you some of my latest creations, I must tell you the main reason I have such despise against the holiday bulletin board. No, I am not a Grinch and I promise that I spread my fair share of holiday cheer, but I simply cringe at the sight of ghosts for Thanksgiving, turkeys for Christmas, and Santas for Valentine's Day. Oh and let's not forget the "Welcome Back to School" bulletin boards still up at Halloween! I get it, teachers are busy. Really busy and, frankly, it is more important to plan amazing lessons and teach the students, than it is to figure out the next bulletin board. But let us not forget...bulletin boards are important too! They showcase your students finest work and give a glimpse into what is happening in your classroom. 
With that being said, strategically plan out your bulletin boards. Realistically, bulletin boards can stay up for 6-8 weeks. This means you need about 5 good bulletin boards a year. If it is two weeks before Christmas, don't hang up a Santa writing project in the hallway. Put something up, that can stay up throughout January. Make them good and make them count. Now, here's to hoping you can get some inspiration with these easy bulletin board ideas. 

Here are my latest bulletin boards combined with a few neat bulletin boards by my fellow teachers...

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