Monday, June 15, 2015

"Teacher" End of the Year Awards

The end of the school year has certainly zoomed by and I am definitely beginning to soak in the summer. As I reflect back on the school year, I realize that I am very fortunate to have had such an amazing year.  My students were incredible and my school is a fun place to be.  The last day of school was no exception.

We had early dismissal, a brief lunch break, and then a staff meeting.  This was an unusual staff meeting, however.  My principal handed out "teacher" end of the year awards.  Each award came with a little token or "trophy."  By the end of the meeting my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.  It was a nice way to bring the staff together and unite one more time before summer break.  So want to see the awards I received?  No judging me. :)

Here they are altogether...

Here are a few of my favorites...

I received the "Slide Certified Award" for attending the Ron Clark Academy this school year.  This award came with a light up boomerang!  You can read about this truly life changing event here.

Another favorite was the "Magic Award" for leading during our school's math night.  It was a magical night and I promise to blog about it soon!  We had a return visit from Scott Flansburg, The Human Calculator.  He is quite an inspiration.  I would say that it even topped the previous year's math night.  You can read about last year's math night here.

A third award worthy of mention is the "Social Slippers Award" for attending all the social events at my school this year!  Why of course!

You can see the first picture for more award ideas.  (And, no, you may not ask about the "Full Moon Award."  It was an accident, I promise!)  Anyone else get any teacher awards this year?

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