Monday, April 8, 2013

Reading Week Costume Ideas!

It was the middle of reading week...
and as I started to get dressed for school I remembered what day it really was. 
YEAH (going to be a fun day!!) and UGH (what am I going to wear?!).
As I have already announced my brain has been more on what I am going to wear to my wedding rather than what I am going to wear to work.  Needless to say, I did not have a costume ready.  I was not worried, however, as I opened my whole cupboard dedicated to costumes.  As wigs, boas, hats, and other random costume supplies almost toppled onto me, I spotted my Dr. Suess hat from a previous years reading week.  However, just wearing a hat, wasn't good enough!  I spotted my snow white hair bow and decided that would make a great bowtie.  I then grabbed a pair of white gloves (previously worn by the fianc√© when he was Mr. Peanut for Halloween) and a white wash cloth.  I cut the wash cloth into a circle shape to use as the cat in the hat belly.  I found all black clothes to wear and attached the belly with safety pins (remember it was the time to sew now!).  I added a black nose and whiskers with my eyeliner and here's what came out...

The Cat in the Hat was a completely easy costume, but if you have a little more time check out these other ideas!
Now, for more book character dress up fun...
Last year, my best teaching buddy at work KT and I dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Thing 1 had a fish bowl belly (she was pregnant at the time).  Those are pom-poms on our heads.  Simply make a pony tail and push the stick of the pom-pom in between the pony tail and your head.  It stayed nicely all day long!

This year KT put together the cutest costume as the little girl in Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco.
Great idea KT! 
To top it off, we both brought our Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts to work just in case anyone else waned to wear them. 
We found takers...
Lastly, I must share my favorite dress up like a book character day a few years ago.  My grade level all dressed as Eric Carle book characters.  It was very suitable for second grade!
Hopefully, you have been inspired for you next book character dress up day (or save these ideas for Halloween)!  Have fun dressing up!


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